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Death Certificate: No matter how far we run from it, death is something that none of us can really escape. Once someone said, paperwork separates us from animals and everyone does paperwork which has to be handled like a human process.

For starters, death has to be certified by medical professionals, and the procedure has to be done by doctors in all fairness.

Death Certificates

If a medical practitioner fails to issue a death certificate, there may be several legal implications and issues for the deceased’s family.

All facts relating to the death of the person must be verified by a physician before issuing the death certificate and cannot issue one under any pressure.

Death Certificate Online Download

Obtaining an online death certificate is not a big task in Tamil Nadu. Even someone with simple Internet browsing knowledge can obtain an online death certificate.

Before applying, you should consider one thing. Applications must be made within 21 days of the event of birth or death. If not done within 21 days, the marginal penalty may apply during the application for the delay. offers the option of creating certificates such as birth, marriage, death and many more online.

Death Certificate Online

You have to fill some details on the website, such as district, panchayat area, where the death took place, etc.

Documents required for birth certificate registration

  • Application Form
  • Identity proof of parents
  • proof of residence
  • Hospital provided proof of birth

While mothers giving birth in government hospitals will be given a one-day birth certificate with their discharge summary, in private hospitals.

They can be downloaded from the website within 21 days, Director of Public Health Dr. K. Kolandisamy, who is also the chief registrar of births and deaths in the state.

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Death Certificate Format Fees

Registration of death reported to the registrar within 21 daysRS 10
21 to 30 days registration from the date of deathRS 20
31 days to 1-year registration from the date of deathRS 50
Registration after 1 year from date of deathRs 100
To give extracts relating to every birth or death RS 50

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Documents required for death certificate Offline registration

  • Application Form
Death Certificate Online Download
  • Details about the person like name, religion, gender, occupation, etc.
  • Date of death
  • Place of Death
  • Postmortem Report

Since pregnancy registration is mandatory, all pregnant women in the state are given a special identification number with which the birth certificate is issued.

The state already has most of the details including mother, father’s name and their residential address. Hospitals must update the place and date of birth.

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Why is a birth certificate important?

A birth certificate is very important for the child’s admission to school or colleges, hospital benefits, and pending inheritance and property claims. It is the first right of a child and establishes his identity. This becomes important for the following processes.

  • Age proof for marriage
  • Admission in schools / colleges
  • Age proof for employment

Frequently Asked Questions About Death certificate

When Births Happened In Foreign Countries

If the child’s parents return to India with a view to settling, they should register their child’s birth within 60 days of the child’s arrival in Tamil Nadu.

Aadhar Is Mandatory To Register Death

In Tamil Nadu, at the time of the funeral, submission of Aadhaar card has been made mandatory to ensure that the details of the deceased person will be presented to the local body without any errors.

When Deaths Happens In Foreign Countries

Death of citizens of Tamil Nadu outside India cannot be registered in India.


The Tamil Nadu government has arranged for the option of the death certificate. So that citizens can get their property documents quickly without any delay.

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