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Are you looking for Jackie Chan Movies List, and Filmography? If yes this article is for you. I have shared all movie list of Jackie Chan till to date.

Before that, let’s start with a little introduction about Jackie Chan.

About Jackie Chan

Ah, Actually I don’t need to give an introduction about him because he is famous worldwide.

jackie chan movies list filmography

His birth name is Chan Kong-sang but he is professionally known as Jackie Chan. He is a martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer.

He is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, and use of improvised weapons. I am the big fan of Jackie Chan cartoon.

Jackie wife name is Joan Lin and he has two children (Jaycee Chan – Son and Etta Ng – Daughter).

To Know more about Jackie Chan Biography, I will write a post as soon as possible and will update it here.

Jackie Chan Filmography

He began his acting career as an extra child actor in the 1962 film “Big and Little Wong Tin Bar”. His Hollywood debut as a lead actor in “The Big Brawl” film.

I have updated the all movie list of Jackie Chan in a table with year wise. Jackie Chan Movies List contains 5 parts. Those are 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s list.

Thanks to Wikipedia for relevant information about Jackie Chan. A lot of them searching Jackie chan dubbed movies list in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi language.

Jackie Chan Movies List


YearFilm NameRole
1962Big and Little Wong Tin BarChild
1963The Love EterneChild
1963The Golden HairpinKid
1964The Story of Qin Xiang LinKid
1966The Eighteen Darts (Part 1)Kid
1966The Eighteen Darts (Part 2)Kid
1966Come Drink With MeKid
1969The Magnificent Monk


YearFilm NameRole
1970Lady of SteelBeggar Kid
1971The Blade Spares NoneEnemy
1971The Angry RiverGuard
1971A Touch of Zen
1972Fist of FuryJing Wu’s student
1972HapkidoBlack Bear’s student
1972The Brutal BoxerThug
1972Game of DeathHai Tien’s fan
1972Stranger from Hong Kong
1973Enter the DragonHan Prison’s thug
1973Facets of LoveXiao Liu
1973Not Scared to DieSi To / Shi Tzer
1973Police WomanGang Leader
1973Kung Fu GirlJapanese thug
1973Little Tiger of CantonHsiao Hu
1973Freedom Strikes a BlowThug
1973The Awaken PunchThug
1973Fist of UnicornThug
1974Fist to Fist
1974The Golden LotusBrother Yun
1974Supermen Against the OrientExtra
1974Village of TigersBandit
1975All in the FamilyHsiao Tang
1975No End of SurprisesSecretary Chen
1975The HimalayanTseng’s men
1975The Young Dragons
1976New Fist of FuryAh Lung
1976Dance of Death
1976Shaolin Wooden MenTiger / Little Mute
1976Hand of DeathTan Feng
1976Killer MeteorsWa Wu-Bin / Tiger
/ Immortal Meteor
1976The Private Eyes
1977The 36 Crazy Fists
1977To Kill with IntrigueCao Lei
1978Snake & Crane Arts of ShaolinHsu Yiu Fong
1978Magnificent BodyguardsLord Ting Chung
1978Snake in the Eagle’s ShadowChien Fu
1978Drunken MasterWong Fei Hung
1978Spiritual Kung FuYi-Lang
1978Half a Loaf of Kung FuMaster Jiang
1978Two in Black BeltCameo
1979The Fearless HyenaShing Lung
1979Dragon FistTang How-Yuen
1979Immortal Warriors
1979Fists and GutsBrief appearance
1979Master with Cracked FingersJackie Chan


YearFilm NameRole
1980The Young MasterDragon / Master Lung
1980The Big BrawlJerry Kwan
1980Read Lips
1981The Cannonball RunSubaru Driver #1
1981The Gold-Hunters
1982Dragon LordDragon Ho / Lung
1983Fantasy Mission ForceSammy
1983Fearless Hyena Part IIChan Lung / Stone
1983Winners and SinnersCID 07 / Cop #7086
1983Project ASgt. Dragon Ma Yue Lung
1984Wheels on MealsThomas
1984Cannonball Run II
1984Pom PomMotorcycle Cop #2
1985Police StoryChan Ka-Kui / Kevin Chan
1985Heart of Dragon Tat Fung / Ted
1985Ninja Thunderbolt
1985The ProtectorBilly Wong
1985My Lucky StarsMuscles
1985Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky StarsMuscles
1986Naughty BoysPrisoner
1986Armour of GodJackie Condor / Asian Hawk
1987Project A Part IIDragon Ma
1987That Enchanting Night
1988Police Story 2Chan Ka-Kui / Kevin
1988Dragons ForeverJackie Lung
1988The Inspector Wears Skirts
1989MiraclesCharlie Cheng Wah Kuo /
Kuo Chen Wah
1989The Inspector Wears Skirts II
1989I Am Sorry


YearFilm NameRole
1990Island of FireSteve Tong / Da Chui
1990The Outlaw Brothers
1990Stage Door Johnny
1990Story of Kennedy TownAirport passenger
1991A Kid from TibetJackie Condor
1991Armour of God II: Operation Condor
1991Angry RangerBeast
1991Beauty and the Beast
1991Center Stage
1992Police Story 3: Super CopChan Ka-Kui / Kevin
1992Twin DragonsMa Yau / John Ma
Die Hard / Boomer
1992The Shootout
1993Once a CopInspector Chan
1993City HunterRyo Saeba a.k.a.
Michael Martin City Hunter
1993Crime StoryInspector Eddie Chan
1993Kin chan no Cinema Jack
1994Drunken Master IIWong Fei Hung
1995ThunderboltChan Foh To / Alfred Tung
1995Rumble in the BronxMa Hon Keung
1996Police Story 4: First StrikeChan Ka-Kui / Jackie
1996MartinJackie Chan
1997Mr. Nice GuyJackie
1998Who Am I?Jackie Chan
1998Rush HourInspector Yang Naing Lee
1998Hot War
1998An Alan Smithee Film:
Burn Hollywood Burn
1998MulanCaptain Li Shang
1999King of ComedyActor
1999GorgeousC. N. Chan
1999Gen-X CopsFisherman
1999Tempting Heart

2000 – 2009

YearFilm NameRole
2000Shanghai NoonChon Wang
2000Dragon HeatJackie Chan
2000Gen-X Cops 2: Metal Mayhem
2001The Accidental SpyBuck Yuen
2001Rush Hour 2Chief Inspector Yang Naing Lee
2002The TuxedoJimmy Tong
2003Shanghai KnightsChon Wang
2003Vampire EffectJackie Fong
2003The MedallionEddie Yang
2004Around the World in 80 DaysPassepartout / Lau Xing
2004The Twins Effect IILord of Armour /
General Wai Shing
2004New Police StoryChan Kwok-Wing
2004Enter the PhoenixMr. Chan
2004Rice Rhapsody
2005The MythGeneral Meng Yi / Jack
2005Everlasting Regret
2005House of Fury
2006Rob-B-HoodFong Ka Ho / Thongs
2007Rush Hour 3Chief Inspector Yang Naing Lee
2007Air Diary
2008The Forbidden KingdomLu Yan / Old Hop
2008Kung Fu PandaMaster Monkey
2008Run Papa Run
2009Shinjuku IncidentSteelhead
2009Looking for JackieJackie Chan
2009The Founding of a RepublicCameo


YearFilm NameRole
2010The Spy Next DoorBob Ho
2010Little Big SoldierBig Soldier
2010The Karate KidMr. Han
2010Kung Fu Panda HolidayMaster Monkey
2010The Legend of Silk BoyXu Rongcun
2011ShaolinWu Dao
2011Kung Fu Panda 2Master Monkey
20111911Huang Xing
2011Legendary Amazons
2012CZ12Asian Hawk
2013The UnbelievableMr. Z
2013Personal Tailor
2013Police Story 2013Detective Zhong Wen
2014As the Light Goes Out
2015Dragon BladeHuo An
2015Who Am I 2015
2015Monkey King: Hero Is BackMonkey King
2016Kung Fu Panda 3Master Monkey/Li Shan
2016SkiptraceBennie Chan
2016The Master: A Lego Ninjago ShortMaster Wu
2016Railroad TigersMa Yuan
2017Kung Fu YogaJack
2017The Nut Job 2: Nutty by NatureMr. Feng
2017The Lego Ninjago MovieMr. Liu / Master Wu
2017The ForeignerNgoc Minh Quan
2017Bleeding SteelLin Dong
2019The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and YangPu Songling
2019Viy 2: Journey to ChinaMaster
2019The Diary
2019Beijing: Wan Jiu Zhao Wu
2019Project X-TractionLuo Feng


YearFilm NameRole
2020Wish DragonPipa God
2020VanguardTang Huating
2020My Mercenary Career
Untitled Jackie Chan / Chris Tucker project
Once Upon a ZodiacZell


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