Singam 3 Movie Review (S3)


Singam 3 Movie Review

We have updated the Singam 3 movie review for South Indian cinema audience findout more information about this movie. Singam 3 (S3) is a third version of Singam film series under the action of actor Surya. The previous versions Singam movie series Singam 1 and Singam 2 are got good response from the audience and collect the reasonable amount in box office. Previous success boostup and give the strength to start the third sequence.

Singam 3 Director

One of the famous South Indian director Hari directs this movie Singam 3. He is the director for whole Singam sequence movies. Hari’s direction is the important reason for the success of both previous Singam films. He continues his better performance and given the good quality of output in Singam 3 also same like the previous versions. We hope this movie will be the blockbuster of 2016 and Hari proves his quality one more time.

Singam 3 Main Leads

Surya and Anushka Shetty are the main lead roles of previous Singam films. They are continuing their roles as main lead roles of Singam 3 movie same like previous versions. Surya continues his role as DCP Durai Singam and Anushka Shetty continues her role as Durai Singam’s wife Kavya Duraisingam.

Shruti Haasan is one of the most famous and beautiful South Indian actress who added as a second heroine in Singam 3 movie. This is the second film for Shruti Hassan to joins with Surya again after 7aum Arivu. Another famous South Indian actress Hansika Motwani played as a second heroine in Singam 2. Hansika Motwani’s character Sathya was died in Singam 2 as per the story line. This is the reason why director calls Shruti Haasan to do the Second heroine role.

Other Actors in Singam 3

Most of the actors and actress are continuing their roles from previous parts of Singam film. 90’s popular actress Raadhika Sarathkumar playing her role as Shruti Haasan’s character Vidhya’s mother. Playback singer Krish playing his role as V.Sreenivas and its one of important character in this film.

Nassar continuing his character from previous parts as father of Kavya Duraisingam and industrialist Mahadevan. Janaki Sabesh the mother of Kavya same like Singam 1 and Singam 2. Radha Ravi also got the chance to prove his performance in third part of Singam also. His character in this movie is Shanmugapandi the father of Durai Singam. Sumithra as Durai Singam’s mother. Actress Yuvarani the sister of the main lead role Durai Singam. Vijayakumar carrying the character Home Minister of Tamil Nadu from the past two sequence.

Soori, Imman Annachi and Robo Shankar are carrying the comedy section in Singam 3. We already knew both are the current running best comedians in Tamil film industry. Soori takes the advantage to play as the main comedian because of he is more experienced comedy actor than Robo Shankar and Imman Annachi.

Sharat Saxena is the main villain of Singam 3. He was nominated for the Best Villain Award for Bollywood film Ghulam. Sharat Saxena is successfully prov his performance in all kind of Supporting Roles include Father, Uncle, Friend and Villain. Director Hari don’t worry about the performance of a Villain character because he chooses the best choice.

Thakur Anoop Singh, Delhi Kumar, Sharat Saxena, Nithin Sathya, Chaams and Kamalesh are the other actors who are doing supporting roles in Singam 3 movie.

Singam 3 Story

We don’t need to worry about the story structure of Singam 3 because we already known Singam 3 story will be same like the past parts. Durai Singam (Surya) is the Deputy Commissioner of Police. DCP Durai Singam is on the mission to find the culprits who are more dangerous for our Nation. The mission arranged and handover to Mr.Durai Singam by the Home minister of Tamil Nadu.

Home Minister Vijayakumar have more hope on Durai Singam and he strongly believe Durai Singam can arrest the culprits by using his investigation and action. In all Singam series movies Home Minister handover the mission to the Hero Durai Singam and give more special authority permissions for do anything to complete the mission and arrest the criminals.

Singam Story

In Singam, Durai Singam’s mission was find and arrest the criminals involved in kidnap the children and asks money from their parents to release their child. Finally he finds Mayilvahanam is the leader of the gang involved in kidnapping the children. Finally Mayilvahanam was killed in Andhra Pradesh and the case has closed successfully by Durai Singam. Singam got very good and positive review from all class cinema audience.

Singam 2 Story

In Singam 2, Durai Singam in undercover operation ordered by the Home Minister and he have the all rights to take the charge at any time. Durai Singam working as a NCC officer in one of the school in Thoothukudi. Finding the drug dealers who supply the drugs to mostly college students and school students. Finally Durai Singam found and arrests the key people involved in smuggling and drug dealing. Singam 2 got average review from audience.

Singam 3 Story

There is no more surprise to find the story of Singam 3 movie because we already knew Durai Singam is the police officer and find and arrest the criminals is his mission in whole movie. The only surprise is what type of business and criminal activities the villain is doing. Main thing of the movie is how the director Hari prepares the screenplay for Singam 3. Definitely he gives more important to the investigation scenes. Action scenes also more important part of this movie because main lead of the movie is a police officer involved in a mission to arrest the most dangerous criminal in Tamil Nadu.

Singam 3 Movie Tickets

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Singam 3 Songs

Singam 3 MP3 songs and Singam 3 video songs will be available to access the songs in highest quality. We will update the Singam 3 songs on our website after the publisher officially release the song. Eros Music got the licence to publish and distribute the songs. Eros Music will release the Singam 3 songs on their official YouTube channel few days or few weeks before the movie release date.

One of the popular Indian music directors Harris Jayaraj scores the music for background music and songs. Singam 3 is the fourth film for Harris Jayaraj working with director Hari. Saamy, Kovil and Arul are the previous projects Harris Jayaraj with Hari. This is the eighth film for Harris Jayaraj compose the music for the actor Surya. Kaakha Kaakha, Ghajini, Vaaranam Aayiram, Ayan, Aadhavan, 7aum Arivu and Maattrraan are the previous projects he is working  with Surya.

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