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Vodafone – How to check 2G/3G/4G data balance, validity

If you are a Vodafone consumer and are searching on the Internet, then how to check Vodafone Internet balance. Or how to check Vodafone account balance or you are looking for any information related to it, then you have come to the right place.


Today I will tell you a list of Vodafone USSD codes. With which you can activate or deactivate the information of Vodafone Balance, Data Balance, Minute Balance, and other services. Also, I will tell you 2 more ways. With the help of which you can check Vodafone balance.

Vodafone Data Balance Check Info

The question that may arise in your mind is “Why check internet balance” is correct? Still, in India, operators like Vodafone, Jio, Airtel are giving limited date and time to access internet data. Such as 1.5 GB a day or 3 GB a month.

You can also get information about internet balance by calling Vodafone’s customer care number. And they will help you by giving information to do a data balance check.

You do not need to call Vodafone’s customer care anyway. Because we are going to tell you all the ways to get the details of Vodafone 4G internet usage.

How to check internet balance with USSD code?

Balance check*141#
Minutes balance check*148#
Data balance check*111*6#
Internet Data Balance*111*2*2#
2G balance check*141*9#
199 Pack Minute Balance Check*143#
Night Minutes check*157#
Vodafone Data Plans Activation check*111*6*1#
Special Offers*121# 
Alerts check*123#

How to know internet data balance with the Vodafone app?

Apart from USSD CODE and number, you can also get information about account balance, data balance, and other services from the application. For this, you have to install the My Vodafone app on your phone.

You will find this application in both the Play Store and App Store. After installing the application, you have to register your Vodafone number here. After that, you will get all the information about your account.

To Visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vodafone.vodafoneplay&hl=ta

How to know Vodafone internet data balance from SMS?

The simplest and easiest way to check net balance is by sending an SMS from your phone number in which you want to get data usage information.

  • SMS DATA BAL to 144

Final Words

Guys, you can learn about Vodafone internet balance with the help of all the methods given above. I hope you guys liked this post.

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